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Finally, an Ad Network for South African Start-ups!

We're offering free advertising while we build up our website!!!

Email us for enquiries: rbn_t@hotmail.com

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Reference Buddy

Reference Buddy places ads on the last page users look at when creating their bibliography.

Are you a start-up seeking effective marketing for your business?

Then you who we're planning on serving.

While we build up our services, we're offering free banner advertising! Email us if you're interested: rbn_t@hotmail.com

For now, the our only publisher is our sister company www.referencebuddy.co.za.

In future, however, we plan on paying publishers interested in hosting banner ads on their website.

For more info, email us: rbn_t@hotmail.com

Happy Shoes Reference Buddy

Happy Shoes is a shoe laundry and repairs company, specializing in revitalizing old shoes, deodorizing and extending the useful life of shoes.

Reference Buddy is an online tool that highschool and university students can use to create reference lists / bibliographies for their projects.

Windgat Produkte

Windgat Produkte sells outdoor and music festival Products.